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EcoWaste coalition bats for eco-simple Holy Week

MANILA, March 29 — As Christian Filipinos observe the time-honored tradition of Semana Santa (Holy Week), environmental advocates plead for a more austere celebration that will not cause further environmental stress and degradation.

The EcoWaste Coalition, a network of some 100 groups working for Zero Waste and for environmental health, urges the faithful to strip down to basic human needs during the Holy Week and voluntarily give up non-essentials, including tobacco, alcohol and junk food, at least for a week, to give Mother Nature a breather from wasteful and dispensable consumption.

“Lent, a time for contemplation and renewal, is a fitting time to ponder about God's Creation and the gift of life. It is a time to simplify, strip down and give up what we really do not need,” said Eileen Sison of the EcoWaste Coalition.

“The Holy Week, in particular, offers a week-long opportunity for us to avoid wasteful activities that fritter away resources and defile Mother Nature with trash,” added Sison who is also the NGO Representative to the National Solid Waste Management Commission. (PNA)


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