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Mexico might face 'water crisis' in coming years – president

MEXICO CITY, March 28 — Mexican Presdient Felipe Calderon on Sunday called for urgent measures to prevent massive water shortages that his country might face in the coming years.

"In the past 60 years, water resources dwindled by more than 78 percent due to excessive pumping from aquifers, as well as due to dilapidated reservoirs and water delivery systems," he said.

The lack of potable water might be one of the biggest challenges to the country's economic growth in the coming decade, he said.

Mexico City, one of the world's biggest urban areas with the population of over 20 million, already faces large-scale water shortage with almost one quarter of residents having no access to regular water supplies.

Due to run-down pipes, up to 50 percent of water in the capital is lost before reaching taps. (PNA/RIA Novosti)


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