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Australian aborigines reject nuclear waste plant

CANBERRA, April 29 — Aborigines from northern Australia rejected government plans to build a plant for nuclear waste storage in their territories.

Diane Stokes, an indigenous woman from the Warumungu and Warlmanpa tribes in the Northern Territory Muckaty Station, about 125 miles north of Tennat Creek town, opposed to the discharging of radioactive waste on their land.

The government now seeks to build a permanent facility to house the nuclear waste that Australia used in hospitals, industries, agriculture and research.

In 2007, the Labour Party promised a new study to select the site based on inclusion and consent of the community through a process of solid and transparent principles.

Activist Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation, declared there is a lot at stake with radioactive waste that lasts thousands of years and can cause cancer and genetic changes. (PNA/PL)


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