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(Metro News) Echiverri wants more trees planted in Caloocan parks

MANILA, April 29 – Recognizing that everyone should do his or her share in somehow reducing the harsh effects of global warming, Caloocan Mayor Enrico “Recom” Echiverri ordered on Thursday the planting of more trees in all parks in the city.

The directive, which was given to the city’s Parks Development Office, is intended to help fight global warming and at the same time beautify Caloocan by planting more trees, Echiverri said.

According to the mayor, planting trees would help reduce the offshoot of global warming, among which the abnormally hot weather the country is experiencing.

He said that the whole world is trying to contend with such adverse effects.

“Because of the intense heat, a lot of people now experience heat strokes. We need to unfurl a ‘green blanket’ on our city with trees in order to preserve our own health,” Echiverri said.

The two-term mayor also urged owners of vacant lots to plant trees in their properties to help in the cause, since more and more building are on the rise in Caloocan.

Echiverri noted that not only parks but the entire surroundings of the city would become more pleasing to the eyes once more trees are planted.

The mayor also instructed local barangay officials to coordinate with the Parks Development Office for the immediate conduct of the tree-planting project. (PNA)


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