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Phone calls from India rain on Davao ICT

By Aurelio A. Pena

DAVAO CITY, May 30 — Phone calls coming from several Indian information and communication technology (ICT) and software executives had been flooding the offices of ICT industry cluster members in Davao just days after their recent benchmarking mission to India.

“We’ve been getting so many phone calls direct from India, from people we met during our benchmarking mission, all asking how we can help each other in promoting and marketing our services,” says Wit Holganza, the former head of ICT Davao Inc. and chairperson of the ICT industry cluster team.

The Davao ICT cluster team participated in INDIASOFT 2010, the biggest ICT international event in India which attracted hundreds of IT, software, business process outsourcing (BPO), etc delegates from all over the world.

Holganza said the Indian IT and software executives, who had been nagging them with almost daily phone calls were “very aggressive” in marketing their services to the Davao ICT cluster team,

“These were actually real business opportunities that we can tap for our stakeholders in the ICT industry in Davao,” Holganza said.

INDIASOFT 2010, according to Holganza, provided the valuable opportunity for participants from all over the world to meet and inter-act with each other for possible business tie-ups, marketing linkages, joint ventures, and business collaboration.

Hundreds of delegates from European Union (EU) countries, Latin America, Africa, USA, Japan, Canada, Middle East and other countries, made the global event one of the biggest in the world for information technology (IT), BPO and software technology.

“The nice thing about this event in India is its focus on small and medium enterprises and home-grown software companies which are making a dent in that country”, Holganza said.

The Davao ICT delegation was able to sign two memorandum of understanding between the two Indian cities of Jaipur and Ahmedabad for possible joint ventures in the BPO business, software technology training, and marketing.

The Davao ICT benchmarking mission was a project initiated under the Davao Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project (DICCEP), a joint project of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), local government units, private sector and the academe. (PNA) RMA/Aurelio A. Pena/lvp

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