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June 1, 1565

MANILA, June 1 — On June 1, 1565, five Augustinians arrived at Cebu to spread the Christian faith.

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, Spanish explorer arrived in the Philippines in 1565 from Mexico, together with the five pioneering Augustinian Friars — headed by Andres de Urdaneta, Andres de Aguirre, Martin de Rada, Diego de Herrera and Pedro Gamboa.

Originally establishing themselves in Cebu, under the leadership of Urdaneta, they pioneered in the Catholic Church's task of evangelization and later on spread apostolic activities all over the country.

Also on this same day in 1596, Don Francisco Tello de Guzman was appointed governor-general of the Philippines. He served from July 14, 1596 to May 1602.

De Guzman, who reestablished the Royal Audiencia, founded the Jesuit Seminary of San Jose.

The Royal Audiencia was a Spanish colonial institution created to assist the governor-general and to secure the people from abusive Spanish officials during the Spanish colonization period.

Also on this same day in 1497 when Pope Alexander VI issued a bill declaring that the principal goal of Spanish monarch in their sponsored expeditions outside European continent should be centered on the propagation of Jesus' name and preaching of the Catholic faith.(PNA)


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