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Australian voters want more actions on climate change: poll

CANBERRA, June 27 — A poll on Sunday found Australia's Labor Party (ALP) would win votes if it takes stronger action on climate change, and people under financial pressure are the keenest to see strong action.

According to Australian Associated Press, an Auspoll of 1,000 people, commissioned by conservation groups and unions, found 83 percent were concerned about climate change.

Two-thirds of those polled could not see a difference between the two major parties on climate change.

"If Labor were to take stronger climate action, one in three said they would be more likely to vote ALP. This compares with 11 percent who said they were less likely to," the poll said.

Ousted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's decision to delay the emissions trading scheme (ETS) was seen as the breaking of a key promise, and contributed to his downfall.

Conservation groups are hoping the new Prime Minister Julia Gillard will take swifter climate action, but it is not clear if she will do so.

The Labor government expected to go to the election with a new policy on energy efficiency, and was shaping up to make more announcements on solar panels and wind farms.

Julia Gillard has become Australia's first female Prime Minister after Kevin Rudd stood down as Labor Party leader on Thursday morning. (PNA/Xinhua)


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