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August 28, 1851

MANILA, Aug. 28 — On August 28, 1851, Nazaria Lagos, maker of the first Philippine flag in Iloilo, was born in Dueñas, Iloilo.

Lagos sewed the Philippine flag that was raised in the Dueñas town square on June 12, 1899, the first anniversary of the proclamation of the country's independence in Kawit, Cavite by General Emilio Aguinaldo.

Known as the “Florence Nightingale of Panay,” Lagos, a Red Cross leader in the Visayas region, had done numerous humanitarian activities, including the nursing of the revolutionaries.

She helped build a hospital for the rebels by providing bamboo beds, chairs, tables, shelves, cabinets, and clothing materials. She cared for the wounded and sick Filipino soldiers even after she lost two of her children during a smallpox epidemic. The Red Cross helped her by soliciting food and clothes.

Hence, she became the Revolution's first nurse and later, director of the Hospital of the Revolutionary Army.

She died on January 27, 1945 at the age of 93.

Also on this same day in 1901, Silliman University (also referred to as Silliman or SU), the first American private school in the country, was established in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

At present, Silliman is one of few private higher educational institutions in the country that have been granted full autonomous status by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the same government agency that recognized some of its programs as Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development.

Notable alumni of SU include the late Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia; Margarito Teves, former Secretary of the Department of Finance; Edith L. Tiempo, National Artist for Literature; and Eddie S. Romero, National Artist for Cinema and Broadcast Arts (2003). (PNA) scs/SDT/jsd

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