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Singapore's current mix of races to stay: PM

SINGAPORE, Aug. 30 — Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Sunday that the country's immigration policy will not upset the current mix of races among the country's population.

Delivered his National Day Rally speech, Lee said the current mix is stable and contributes to Singapore's racial and religious harmony. His comments come as Singapore continues to attract foreign talent who contribute to the economy and integrate into society.

While acknowledging Singaporeans' worry about competition from foreign workers here, he added the country must stay open to remain competitive and help attract more investments here and offer them better jobs.

"We are open to immigrants of all ethnic groups, so long as they can contribute to our economy and integrate into our society, " he said.

Lee also highlighted key areas to ensure the country's competitiveness. Firstly, workers must upgrade their knowledge and skills, to be able to do a wider range of tasks, and become more valuable to their firms. Second, companies must find promising business opportunities, develop expertise, create value and grow a competitive and profitable business. Third, the public sector must also improve productivity. (PNA/Xinhua) ALM

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