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Priests lead prayers for the victims of Manila hostage-taking incident

MANILA, Aug. 30 — All priests in the Archdiocese of Manila have been asked to lead prayers for the victims of the August 23 hostage-taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila that resulted in the death of eight tourists from Hong Kong and the hostage-taker himself, former police officer Rolando Mendoza.

"While many already have prayed and are praying for those who suffered in this unfortunate incident, we propose that we lead the congregation in a communal prayer through our Prayers of the Faithful,” said Fr. Genaro Diwa, director of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission, in a circular letter.

Also included in the prayers are the families of the victims.

“In this period of mourning and self-examination, we turn to our loving God, the source of all consolation, wisdom and peace,” Diwa said.

Last Sunday, August 29, two prayers were inserted in the Prayers of the Faithful during masses in churches under the Manila Archdiocese.

The same prayers will be recited in masses on Sept. 5, 2010. The prayers follow:

"For all who have lost their lives in the hostage-taking tragedy on August 23, that in death they may pass on to complete freedom, to the land where there is neither tear nor sorrow, nor anger and pain, let us pray to the Lord.

"For our brothers and sisters who are grieving and in pain at the tragic death of loved ones, countrymen, and fellowmen in the August 23 hostage crisis, for all of us who witnessed this violent and senseless taking of innocent lives, that we may not allow the power of hatred to blind us but that we may discover the creative power of forgiveness and understanding to stop the cycle of violence and hatred, let us pray to the Lord." (PNA)


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