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Romanian scientists find new cells

BUCHAREST, Aug. 31 — Romanian scientists have discovered a new type of cells, called telocites, which could join the stem cells in the regeneration and repairing of the human body, the Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology of Bucharest announced on Monday.

"The cells were in existence but they were not been observed," said institute director Laurentiu Mircea Popescu, adding that the scientists had been working on a certain type of cells in the human body and came across these.

"At least in the case of myocardial infract the evidence so far is encouraging," the director stressed, explaining that "the importance of these cells is given by the fact that they act as the lieutenants of the stem cells and their action cannot be independent of the stem cells."

According to him, the scientists found the telocites in the pancreas first and then in 15 other body organs.

"These cells are located in interstitia, the areas between specialized cells," said Popescu.

Popescu said these cells are all the more important as each year 17.2 million people die from heart-related ailments and 80 percent of the victims are in developing countries or emerging economies.

He added that such cells are not used for medical purposes yet but they could be the key to heart regeneration. (PNA/Xinhua)


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