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Tell-tale signs of a dying house painter

By Ben Cal

MANILA, Sept. 29 — Gasping for breath in the final moments of life at his floor mat, a 48-year-old house painter grimacing in pain due to liver cancer, suddenly moved his body in spasm and with eyes focused on one corner of the room stretched out his arms sideway and repeatedly called the name of his departed older brother, “Lex, Lex, Lex!”

It was an emotional and pathetic outburst of Fausto “Teteng” Morales Ensoy in his last hurrah on earth before he died peacefully in his rented room in Barangay Malinta, Valenzuela City at 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Ensoy’s two brothers – Eugenio and Ranulfo — and a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Loyola, witnessed the dying moments of Teteng, a house painter who blurted in a loud voice “Lex, Lex, Lex!” (real name Felix), his older brother who died in 2007.

Eugenio, an active charismatic member of 700 Club, prayed over for his dying brother whose eyes had gone white as he gasped for air.

“Jesus, if it is Your will, be it done. Take Teteng into Your care!” Eugenio said in Filipino.

A priest had earlier visited Ensoy on Tuesday and administered the last Catholic rites Extreme Unction as the dying painter could no longer speak.

Incidentally, this writer is a brother-in-law of Teteng's.

The last episode of Teteng’s life, the “encounter” with his deceased older brother Felix, again seemed to reinforce the strong belief that departed loved ones are “present” at the death bed of a dying relative to “welcome” him or her to the afterlife.

One sociologist says that when a person is about to die, he or she struggles with great effort to breath for air which is a part of the process of dying, a phenomenon that is unquestionably real.

In the case of my brother-in-law, it was apparent that his older brother was inside the room moments before Teteng breathed his last.

Calling the name “Lex, Lex, Lex” was an indication that Teteng's older brother was there to meet him.

None of those who were inside the room saw Felix. What they saw was Teteng stretching out his arms as if he was trying to “embrace” someone as he called the name of his brother Felix to “wait” for him.

At this point, it may be possible that Teteng indeed saw his departed brother’s soul in the room when Teteng experienced violent pangs, pains or convulsions while he was at the throes of death and eventually died peacefully. (PNA Features) scs/RBC/mec

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