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MANILA, Sept. 30 – The National Electrification Administration became the first national government agency to be conferred as Performance Governance System (PGS)-Institutionalized by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) last week at the Hotel Sofitel in Manila.

“The fast-paced developments brought about by new industry benchmarks, political climate and leadership, the NEA restructuring as a result of the implementation of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 and the need to reinforce social responsibility of improving the quality of life for all Filipinos prompted NEA to undertake a governance system, " NEA Administrator Edita Bueno said.

"As the agency traverses the pathways to attain total electrification by 2020, it also aims to become a beacon of governance for others to follow,” she said.

ISA is an organization committed to lead sector leaders, public officials and citizens to the pathway of good governance.

It assists public sector organizations to improve their governance practices and raise them to global standards through the PGS. It is founded and chaired by former Finance Secretary Jesus Estanislao, who also currently chairs the President’s Governance Advisory Council, which advises the Philippine President on governance issues.

The PGS, a globally recognized framework, is a participatory process in line with the principles of and best practices of good governance and responsible citizenship. It calls for effective, sustained and systematic contributions from individuals and institutions for the common good of their institution or community and of the Philippines as well as long term development of the Filipino people.

It is a local adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard applied to the public sector, to track agencies’ performance against a set of goals. The balanced scorecard concept was founded by Dr. David P. Norton, a Harvard-educated management expert and the world’s leading authority on strategic performance management.

NEA started its governance enhancement program four years ago and received its PGS-Initiated Status on Aug. 30, 2007. It was elevated to PGS-Compliant level on August 29, 2008 and obtained the third pathway recognition as PGS-Proficient on Sept. 24, 2009.

In its road to PGS-Institutionalization, NEA developed individual scorecards, shared its best practices with other organizations and documented its breakthrough accomplishments.

“NEA does not intend to stop at this level. It still aims to go for the Hall of Fame recognition. As a dynamic organization, NEA wants to continue to strengthen regular strategy review and performance assessment; participate in the Centers for Leadership and Governance; upgrade of organizational infrastructures; nurture the agency’s relationship with stakeholders; upgrade the competency of NEA and EC officials and employees; promote Corporate Social responsibility; and enhance motivational packages for both NEA and the electric cooperatives,” Bueno said. (PNA) RMA/ASF/utb

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