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Roundup: Argentine politicians mourn former President Kirchner

BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 28 — Tributes poured in from the political sector in Argentina Wednesday following the sudden death of former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner from a heart attack.

Vice President Julio Cobos lamented Kirchner's death, saying that Kirchner had dedicated his life to politics and that the nation sympathized with the president and her sons during this difficult period.

Former Argentine presidents Carlos Menem, Fernando de la Rua and Eduardo Duhalde also expressed their sorrow over Kirchner's sudden death

Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez said he was "deeply upset for losing a friend and a patriot."

Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo said in a statement that Kirchner was "a great president, a companion of dreams, a great transformer of the country's reality, and an example of work and fight."

Science Minister Lino Baranao said that Kirchner took office as president when the country was "on fire, and he made a national project to reactivate the economy with international projects and respect for human rights."

Industry Vice Minister Mirta Diaz said that "all the members of the Justice Party feel a deep shock" and added that Kirchner was "a symbolic man for Argentine politics, with strong convictions and endless strength."

Meanwhile, the province governors in the country expressed their condolences for his death.

Cordoba's governor Juan Schiaretti, Santa Fe's governor Hermes Binner, Santa Cruz's governor Daniel Peralta and Rio Negro's governor Miguel Angel Saiz, all of them from the ruling party, expressed their sympathies.

Also, the opposition governors from Chubut, Mario Das Neves, and from Corrientes, Ricardo Colombi, also expressed their sorrow over his death.

Leader of the Social Justice Luis D'Elia said that Kirchner "died as he lived" and with his death, Argentina "loses a great patriot."

"I feel an infinite pain. Argentina has lost a great patriot, a great companion, an exceptional man who changed the history of this country, a brave man," D'Elia told a local radio station.

Secretary-General of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) Hugo Moyano said that history will recognize Kirchner "as one of the most important men."

On Wednesday noon there would an "urgent meeting" in the CGT of Buenos Aires to "support President Cristina Fernandez with her national project," he added.

Meanwhile, in a statement the Supreme Court expressed its "deep sorrow for Kirchner's death and expresses condolences to his family."

Spokesman of the Argentine Episcopal Conference Jorge Oesterheld expressed his sorrow and said that "the bishops and the Church pray for Kirchner's eternal rest as well as for President Fernandez and his family."

Director of the Federal Authority for Audiovisual Communication Services Gabriel Mariotto lamented Kirchner's death and stressed the good work he had done.

"A man who questioned powers died," he said.

President of the non-governmental organization Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, said that with Kirchner's death "someone indispensable for the country left," adding that he "gave his life for his country."

In a statement, the main opposition party, Radical Civic Union (UCR) "expressed its deepest sorrow for Kirchner's death and accompanies President Fernandez and her family at these painful moments."

Kirchner's political opponent Mauricio Macri, mayor of Buenos Aires city, said that "today is a mourning day for all the Argentines." He expressed his deepest sympathy to President Fernandez, adding that today is a day of mourning for the entire country. (PNA/Xinhua) LOR/ebp

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