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Outgoing Brazilian President sees record-high support rating

BRASILIA, Dec. 30 — Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is leaving office with a record-high approval rate of 87 percent, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

The poll, commissioned by the National Transport Confederation, also showed a record-high approval rate for Lula's government, which is at 83.4 percent. Lula will be succeeded by President-elect Dilma Rousseff on Saturday.

Among 2,000 people surveyed between Dec. 23 and 27, 63.9 percent said the economy "developed a lot" during the eight years of Lula's reign, and 30.4 percent believed the economy developed "a little", while 3.7 percent said it had no development.

Regarding social progress, 57.8 percent gave thumbs-up while 35.6 percent held a somewhat negative opinion.

On expectations for the incoming government of Dilma, Lula's handpicked successor, 41.5 percent believed she will lead a good government and 27.7 percent said the new government will be very good.

Sixty-five percent respondents believed Rousseff will continue Lula's policies, while 8.5 percent thought only part of Lula's programs will be inherited. Another 23 percent thought the Rousseff administration would not represent a continuation of Lula's government.

Rousseff won the presidential runoff on Oct. 31 and will be the first female president in Brazil's history. (PNA/Xinhua) DCT/utb

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