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(Metro News) Malabon residents urged to recycle garbage

MANILA, Jan. 29 – The Malabon Waste Management Council (MWMC) has urged all residents in the locality to practice waste recycling and segregation so that empty cans, bottles, and other plastic waste will not clutter the streets and waterways of the city.

MWMC chief Gloria Tamayo made this appeal after noting that some of the city's residents are using the streets and canals as the disposal conduits of their garbage.

She said that continuation of such practice will result in the dirtying up of the environment and clogging up of canals which can trigger flooding in the onset of heavy rains.

Tamayo added that this danger can be avoided if only Malabon residents would take time to segregate and recycle their waste.

The MWMC chief stressed segregating is very simple as participants merely need to allocate two containers, one marked non-biodegradable and the other biodegradable, to jump-start their campaign to protect the environment.

”In the biodegradable container, residents are instructed to put up their kitchen leavings and other organic waste items, while in the non-biodegradable container, participants are urged to place all their empty bottles, cans and plastic waste products,” she pointed out.

”In time, all the organic leavings in the biodegradable container will be transform into some kind of compost which is very beneficial in gardening,” Tamayo emphasized.

She also stated that empty cans, bottles and plastic waste collected in the non-biodegradable container, once full, can be hauled to the nearest junkshop to be sold for scrap. (PNA) scs/PFN

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