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Women are also applying as seafarers

MANILA, Jan. 30 — Women are also applying jobs as seafarers.

According to Erickson Marquez of the Filipino Association for Mariners Employment, women have started to engage in the seafaring industry.

“There are already many women. Every year, we have women graduates. They have been given the opportunity to prove and that they can succeed in the industry,” he said.

However, he cannot give the percentage of the women, who are now in the seafaring business.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t know, but very few. In our company about four seafarers,” Marquez said.

He noted that the women are employed in regular and not luxury ships.

“They are on board regular ships. And you know that seafaring is a man’s world. Right now, this trend is now being acceptable. And they are now being respected as equal of seamen,” he added.

As far as the salary is concerned, the women seafarers are accepting the same salary as the men, noting that one of them is already an officer, First Engineer.

“The same salary rate. We don’t discriminate between the men and the women. And they are officers now. They are not just ordinary crew. They are already officers. The highest, I think, is already first engineer. Not a captain yet but in the agent side, already quite higher,” Marquez added.

Although, he stressed that men are superior on strength as compared to women, but the latter are good as far as knowledge is concerned. (PNA)


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