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Year of the Rabbit cerebration held at Sweden museum

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 30 — The Chinese Embassy in Sweden and the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm on Saturday co-organized a grand celebration ahead of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year.

Lion dance, Chinese Taiji boxing and ethnic dancing were performed in front of the museum, attracting up to a thousand spectators, including many children.

Speaking at the event, Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Chen Mingming said the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year will be the Year of Rabbit.

"Rabbit symbolizes harmony and peace and it is also quick to grasp the opportunity. And I do see great opportunity between China and Sweden," Chen said.

"As we look around the world, we probably see two star performers — China and Sweden. China has shown the world that a large developing country can beat the economic crisis and maintain growth," Chen said.

"And Sweden has shown the world that development can indeed be pursued in a sustainable way. By learning from Sweden, China can put its development into sound and sustainable path. By meeting China's huge demand for expertise in sustainable development, Sweden can also boost its own economic growth as it is happening now," Chen said.

"Let's do as the rabbit do, seize the opportunity and build a partnership in development between China and Sweden," Chen said.

Exhibitions related to the Chinese history and culture were held at the museum, one of them featuring the world famous terra-cotta warriors.

Inside the museum, people visited the Chinese antiques exhibitions and engaged in various cultural activities such as calligraphy and paper-cutting. (PNA/Xinhua)


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