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World War II veteran gets millionth new UK passport

LONDON, Feb. 25 — A World War II veteran has been issued the millionth new British passport free of cost as part of the special UK scheme for the war-time generation.

Janet Varrall is the one millionth person to receive a new 'Scenic Britain' passport, since they were first issued last October.

The 82-year-old woman is among the 700,000 World War II veterans to receive a free passport since the scheme began in 2004.

"I am delighted that a World War II veteran like Mrs Varrall has received the millionth new UK passport for free," Chief Executive of the Identity and Passport Service, Sarah Rapson said.

"Mrs Varrall and her generation deserve to get their passports for free in recognition of the sacrifices they made during the war. It is right that those who gave up so much to guarantee our security should be given the privilege of free passports. (PNA/PTI)


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