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Malangsi Festival slated in Bayambang, Pangasinan

BAYAMBANG, Pangasinan, March 22 — The town of Bayambang will hold its Malangsi Festival on April 7 as the top feature of its nine-day town fiesta from April 1 to 9.

Municipal administrator Dr. Romulo Velasquez said the festival, now on its third edition, will showcase Bayambang as the biggest producer of fresh water fish like hito (catfish), dalag (mudfish), tilapia, gurami and others.

The fresh water fish are produced mostly from the Mangabol lake, a body of water lying near the Tarlac border.

The Malangsi Festival will be marked by street dancing to be participated by pupils and students and from various barangays and “Ihawan ed Dalan” (Grilling in the Street) of fresh water fish caught freshly from various ponds in the town.

”Malangsi” is the Pangasinan term indicating the slimy smell and characteristics of fresh water fish.

Velasquez invited people from all over Pangasinan, especially tourists, to come to Bayambang and experience the town’s warm hospitality.

Bayambang is a first class municipality in the southern part of the province. It is Pangasinan’s biggest municipality.

An agricultural town, it is also famous for onions, corn and other cash crops.

Historically, Bayambang was made as the last capital of the Republic by General Emilio Aguinaldo when he fled north to escape from the pursuing Americans during the Filipino-American War. (PNA)


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