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Melanesian countries agree on need to tackle climate change

SUVA, March 28 — A united approach towards dealing with the issue of climate change was recognized as necessary when the issue came on the agenda of the senior officials meeting of the Melanesian Spearhead Group underway in Suva on Monday.

The meeting acknowledged that in unity the MSG countries would succeed in dealing with climate change and that a divided approach meant sure calamity.

Climate change is an issue that continues to overwhelm on a global scale because of the rise in harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere and Pacific islands are at the forefront, suffering the effects like rise in sea levels that have forced the sea to encroach into villages and eat away at coastlines of most small island states. Melanesian countries agree on need to tackle climate changeThis is why the issue is seriously discussed at any regional or sub-regional talks of the likes of the MSG.

The issue of climate change was discussed as part of the report by the MSG sub-committee chair on security.

The sub-committee had met in Fiji in 2010 and presented the outcomes of its meeting at the senior officials meeting.

As a result of this meeting in Suva, MSG countries have been encouraged to mainstream climate change and disaster risk management into national planning and budgeting processes, consider the implications of climate change including human security issues such as the resettlement of population and develop the appropriate climate change policy framework.

Members were persuaded to consider the urgent need to develop and strengthen institutional capacity, which includes policies, strategies, legal frameworks and effective lead agency as well as developing a good level of awareness and understanding of climate change.

Taking into account the realities of the climate change phenomena and the need for a consolidated approach, all members were encouraged to have in place their national adaptation program of action to assist them in assessing, planning and implementing adaptation action. (PNA/Xinhua) DCT/utb

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