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Pangasinan gives fishnets to fishermen to promote sustainable fishing

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, March 28 – The provincial government did not stop after cleaning the rivers of Binmaley, Lingayen and Bugallon towns of illegal fishpens and fish traps.

Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. distributed today (Monday) at least 162 fish nets, locally called "tabal" to fish farmers in 15 barangays from the three towns.

Espino said the fishnets will enable the recipient marginal fishermen to earn a living along their rivers that were cleaned and now teeming with assorted fish.

The governor said with the fishnets, the fishermen are taught the proper way to catch fish and no longer depend on illegal fishpens that had just been dismantled in rivers of the three towns.

Illegal fishpens were removed by the provincial government through its task force Kalikasan because these promoted unsustainable fishing as these were permanent structures erected in the water and were causing pollution.

Espino admitted that the clean up of rivers left some people unhappy but they must understand the reason for the move. He said after the fishpens were dismantled, many people can now catch fish through the old traditional way.

The governor said the province is now being praised because its rivers had already been restored to their original state.

Paterno Orduña, executive officer of the Provincial Risk Reduction Coordinating Council who joined the distribution of the fishing paraphernalia, said this was part of ”Ilog Ko, Bilayen Tan Aroen Ko,” an environmental advocacy campaign launched by the Espino administration.

Orduna said after cleaning the rivers of Binmaley, Lingayen and Bugallon, Task Force Kalikasan is now concentrating its efforts in cleaning the rivers in San Fabian. (PNA) LAP/lvm/lmmicua/rma/utb

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