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Annual summer beach clean-up, eco-art held in Subic

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT, March 30 – Hundreds of residents and stakeholders in this Freeport have joined hands to protect the environment during the annual summer beach cleanup organized by The Lighthouse Marina Resort and the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR).

The clean-up, held recently at the beach front area of the Moonbay Marina Complex, was joined mostly by students from local schools like the Mondriaan Aura College, St. Joseph’s College, and Olongapo City National High School.

Representatives from civic groups, locator companies, and tourism-related establishments also took time to help clean up the beach area.

The activity was followed by a junk art workshop conducted by environmental artists from Baguio City known as the “Junk Artists,” who coached student-participants in creating art works from junk.

The participants used trash collected during the clean-up as materials for their junk art.

According to Jun Avecilla, CEO of The Lighthouse Marina Resort, organizers of the cleanup want to spread the mission of taking care of the environment.

Avecilla said that the Lighthouse group and the IYFR are committed to preserving the environment and have conducted tree planting activities across the country, including about 1,000 trees at the Angat watershed and the La Mesa Ecopark.

During the Subic activity, the group also planted coconut trees along the beach front area near the Lighthouse Resort.

The organizers opened the eco-art exhibit, which featured nature paintings, including artworks by Filipino watercolorist Adriano "Boy" Valino. (PNA) LAP/FFC/zst/MD/ps

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