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(Metro News) QC dad eyes free seminar on motorcycle safety

MANILA, June 27 – A Quezon City councilor on Monday said he is proposing a city ordinance requiring motorcycle dealers or distributors to give free road safety seminars for their prospective buyers before consummating the sale.

Councilor Ranulfo Ludovica, Liga ng Mga Barangay president and ex-officio officer of the Quezon City Council, expressed alarm over the rate of motorcycle-related accidents in the city.

In proposed ordinance number 11-56, S-2011, Ludovica said the rising prices of oil petroleum products prompt the public to buy motorcycles as their means of transportation.

Ludovica observed that most motorcycle drivers lack the necessary defensive driving skills to operate their vehicle paving the way for the rise of road accidents involving motorcycles. (PNA)<Bbr>RMA/JCA

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