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NYC Gay Pride Parade celebrates passage of gay marriage law

NEW YORK, June 27 — More than one million jubilant New Yorkers lined on Fifth Avenue on Sunday for the city's annual Gay Pride Parade, celebrating the passage of an historic bill legalizing same-sex marriage signed into law Friday night.

The parade route was awash in rainbow flags and joyful groups singing and holding up signs such as "I like it so I can put a ring on it," "Thank you Governor Cuomo," embodying this year's theme: "Proud and Powerful."

Along the way, thousands of the marchers passed the historic Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street, the site of the Stonewall Riots in 1969 that started the gay civil rights movement.

"I'm proud. I'm happy. I'm for equal rights and I'm glad to see a large restriction slap down and I hope all my friends want to get married too," John Cade told Xinhua.

In a historic 33-29 vote late Friday night, the state Senate passed a bill allowing same-sex couples to marry. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill as the clock ticked toward midnight. The New York State is the sixth state in the United States to extend full marriage rights to gay couples.The law will take effect on July 24. (PNA/Xinhua)


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