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Davao Cyber Expo introduces new, innovative and customized CPs

DAVAO CITY, July 28 –The Davao Cyber Expo 2011 slated at the SM City Davao Activity Center on July 29 to 31 will feature new and innovative customized personal computers (PCs).

Expo organizer TJ Elmore of BLINQUE TechExtreme said the three-day event will also exhibit some of the best and rarest computer hardware from the region and some from Manila.

"This is a chance to give the enthusiasts and manufacturers of the technology industry and educate the public as well how to be responsible gamers," Elmore said.

He said that last year, the expo organizer had a personal computer submerged in an aquarium and another was with a live hamster inside but they were working computers customized by the brilliant minds in the industry.

He also said that BLINQUE wanted to engage enthusiasts in considering customizing their personal computers and see them not just that black box.

"It is rather to cool such innovations and that’s what we do in our club, the davaowired.net. We also dispose of our e-waste responsibly which we would also like to share to the public," said Sherwin Ramos, of DCwired.net.

Ramos said they have formed partnership with BLINQUE TechExtreme in disposing their computers that do not function.

He said teams from all over Mindanao would battle for fun, cash, and pride at the Davao Cyber Games-DoTA (Defense of The Ancients) competition and LAN Party–a trend in the world of gamers–will also happen during the three-day event and a costume play, or Cosplay competition will also take place.

"Big prizes will be at stake for the winner of the Cosplay competition, including a brand new Computer set complete with LCD monitors from our very generous supporters, BLINQUE Tech and Western Digital," Ramos said. (PNA) RMA/Digna D. Banzon/ldp

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