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DELL unveils Connected Classroom

By Mediatrix P. Cristobal

MANILA, July 29 – Imagine a classroom with full connectivity, where teachers no longer use black or white board, students no longer use books, where students no longer cheat during examination and Facebook or other social networking sites are voluntarily avoided during classes: sounds too good to be true?

This scenario will be the way of life of every student and teacher in the future, as education goes fully connected in the years to come.

DELL, a computer-making giant, is tapping the trend in Connected Classroom, as more children are embracing technology, making it easier for them to absorb educational information by using state of the art, futuristic and fully connected computer solutions.

"Kids nowadays are getting more tech-savvy. They get more information than teachers themselves," Ricky Lopez, country manager of Dell Global, said during the launching of Connected Classroom Thursday.

With the popularity of social networking sites, tech gadgets, computer games and software applications sprouting everywhere like mushroom, children nowadays get more accustomed to having technology as a part of their consciousness, or even a way of life.

With this in mind, DELL launched Connected Classroom, a learning environment with a number of products such as laptop, touch-enabled projector and screen, and customized software, among others.

It features interactive screen where buttons in projected screen are clickable, as if one is manning a touch-enabled screen like that of an iPhone. Teachers can send the message of silence by sending private messages to students. She can see who's browsing Facebook or other social networking sites because she has access as to her student's laptop activities. Teachers can likewise see who's cheating.

With this, boring classrooms will just be a thing of the past.

"Studies show that younger ones (even preschoolers and kindergarten) has no restraint as to what they learn because their minds are not preconditioned like older students," a lecturer, Rani Burchmore who heads of Education Practice for DELL South Asia, said.

According to her, children are more impressionable, making them the ideal audience for new and exciting technologies.

DELL is coming up with student-friendly sturdy laptops which fit an ordinary student's budget.

ICT Pedagogy is being implemented in schools in Australia and Singapore, Burchmore said.

In the Philippines, technology is no longer confined among the rich, as everyone at one point or another, needs to interact digitally. Government records are stored in a digital database. Banks are going digital as well.

"DELL's Connected Classroom has been welcomed by schools around the world as a means to connect students and teachers through technology and promote collaboration both inside and away from the classroom," Lopez added.

Bong Paloma, senior vice president and general manager of Accent Micro Technologies, Inc. (AMTI), the local partner for the solution added that DELL company is also having talks with the Department of Education for the possibility of adoption of Connected Classroom in public schools.

"Regardless if you're rich or poor, you're going to interact with the technology," Lopez further stressed. (PNA) LAP/MPC/

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