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Imamate Islamic Center prepares a resolution in defense of Palestine on Quds Day

By Modesto Antonio Ibarra

MANILA, Aug. 31 – The Imamate Islamic Center Inc. has prepared a resolution urging the United Nations to implement all resolutions which have been passed by its members for the protection of the basic rights, freedom and humanity of the people of the occupied territories of Palestine.

The resolution was read on the occasion of the Quds Day commemorated on the last Friday of Rahmadan (August 26, 2011) at the Philippine Christian University in Manila, by Atty. Nasser Abinal, president of the Imamate Islamic Center, Inc.

This has been concurred upon by the Islamic community in the Philippines under the auspices of the Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in Manila, headed by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ali Mojtaba Rouzbehani, who delivered the keynote address on the Quds Day Symposium organized by the Imamate Islamic Center, to signify the true faith of Muslims through the years.

Quds Day, officially known in Iran as International al-Quds Day, is an annual event that began in Iran in 1979, introduced by Imam Ayatollah Khoumeini, that is commemorated on the last Friday of Rahmadan, expressing solidarity with Palestinian people and opposing as well Israel’s control of Jerusalem.

"It was also resolved that copies of this resolution be sent to all the different embassies in this country to show our solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people and to appeal to the countries represented by these embassies to uphold justice for the sake of the Palestinians."

The resolution, dedicated to Allah, “the most beneficent, the most merciful” cited ‘justice, the health and perfection of the power of imagination of the soul of every individual’ as the primary basis of formulating the resolution and that ‘the quest for justice is innate and very natural for every human being, Muslim or otherwise, while injustice is one of the root causes of all the problems besetting the world for a very long time.’

It also reasoned out that ‘every government is expected to do justice not only to its subject but to other countries in the community of nations and the people have now refused to submit to injustices is happening in many countries,’ citing that the United Nations is the very institution upon which redress of injustices committed to the family of nations be addressed.

Finally the Imamate in their resolution said “the Palestinians have been the subject of unspeakable torture, maiming and inhumane and needless punishment in the hands of the illegal Zionist entity occupying their lands and the Baytul Muqaddas.”

And now, the resolution said, “the Muslim nations and all other believers in God have been awakened and are returning to the principle of justice as one of the most important pillars of conducting the affairs of every individual, group of people and countries in general.

And so it is resolved that the United Nations would be furnished with this resolution.

Others who spoke and gave their views during the commemoration of the Quds Day, which had the theme, “Quds Day and Islamic Awakening” were Hon. Manuel Vicente Perez Iturbe, Charge d’ Affaires, Embassy of Venezuela; Atty. Saga Mabaning, chief, Judicial Division, Commission on Elections; former Governor Almarim Tillah of Tawi-Tawi and Ms. Zainab Javier, Muslim Women’s Center for Change. (PNA) DCT/magi

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