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Legazpi water district suspends payments to water firm provider

LEGAZPI CITY, Oct. 28 — The Legazpi City Water District (LCWD) Board of Directors recently ordered the Phil Hydro, Inc, a water facility provider, to improved its water quality following the city government health bulletin advising residents here to refrain from drinking tap water due to the high level of magnesium, hardness and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Barbie Imperial Borromeo, LCWD acting general manager, said that until corrective measures have been carried out by Phil Hydro, the LCWD Board in its October 19 meeting decided to suspend its monthly service payments to the water firm provider.

Borromeo said Phil Hydro stand to lose P7 million in monthly service payments if the firm fails to rectify its water quality.

The Board resolutions was signed by Ranulfo Imperial LCWD Board chair and was sent the Phil Hydro for their appropriate action.

The board resolution was in response to a study by University of the Philippines Natural Science and Research Institute (UP-NSRI) indicating the Water supplied by LCWD to thousands of households here are not suitable for drinking and does not conform with the Philippine National Standard for drinking water (PNSDW).

Borromeo, however, said that the study needs further medical interpretation from health expert claiming that based on other studies the presence of magnesium and hard water and TDS does not pose health hazards.

Borromeo explained that magnesium is the 4th most abundant element in the planet and is naturally contained in water as one of the trace minerals.

“Eversince, I have been drinking tap water as well as our other employees at the water district and we have not experienced any illness so far,” Borromeo said. (PNA)


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