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British media blasts rich "bullying" poor in climate negotiation

LONDON, Nov 28 — Rich western countries are "bullying" developing countries in climate negotiation, according to reports of several British media ahead of the next round of UN climate talks that will start on Monday.

Rich countries are using aid money as a lever to bully developing countries over climate change, the Independent newspaper quoted a report by anti-poverty group the World Development Movement.

The report also highlights that wealthy nations held secret meetings, and then pushed poorer countries to accept the result. It accuses countries such as the United States and Britain of using "unfair, undemocratic and even deceitful means to skew the climate change negotiations in their favor."

Quoting from the same report, the Guardian pointed to previously unpublished testimonies from insiders at both the Copenhagen and Cancun climate summits in 2009 and 2010. Officials of developing countries complain of divide-and-rule tactics and threats to withhold funds unless agreements are signed.

So far the Kyoto Protocol is the only legally binding agreement in the global climate negotiation, which has set out obligations for the developed countries to cut back on their emissions.

However, its first commitment period would expire in 2012. The UN conference slated for 28 Nov in Durban, Africa would be the last major meeting before that time to negotiate for a new international framework.(PNA/Xinhua)


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