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Australians face dying in heatwaves due to climate change: report

CANBERRA, Nov. 30 — The Climate Commission report titled The Critical Decade, released on Wednesday, warns more Australians face dying in heatwaves or catching infectious diseases as result of climate change.

The report stated there will be more natural disasters and changing rainfall patterns due to the increasing temperature, which will have an impact on people's health as much as on the environment.

Professor Lesley Hughes, who is the report co-author, said a small rise in temperature can lead to various harmful effects to people's health.

The report said the more heatwaves could rise in intensity of in heart attacks, strokes, accidents and heat exhaustion.

Diseases such as dengue fever could also be easier to catch as a result of more floods, while extra bushfires and higher pollution levels spell trouble for asthmatics.

Australian Medical Association (AMA) president Steve Hambleton said climate change poses "a real and imminent threat to the health of Australians," he said.

According to figures released by the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the year 2011 caps a decade that ties the record as the hottest ever measured. (PNA/Xinhua)


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