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Guimaras wipes out oil spill nightmare

ILOILO City, Dec. 28 – The island province of Guimaras in Western Visayas is now enjoying freedom from its oil spill nightmare in 2006 as the oil and grease levels are now within standards.

Environmental Management Bureau (EMB)-Department of Environment and Natural Resources regional director Oscar Cabanayan reported a clean bill of health for the island with its waters now fit for bathing and swimming.

Guimaras has recovered from the oil spill disaster and is gradually moving back to their pristine and natural beauty which it was well known for, according to Cabanayan.

The EMB reports showed that five years after the oil spill disaster, Guimaras’ coastal areas and surrounding waters are now declared safe for aquaculture and recreational activities.

Results of the October 18-21, 2011 water quality monitoring showed that all 24 sampling stations monitored from the onset of the catastrophe are now within standards. The recent results have shown marked improvements compared to the past monitoring results.

Guimaras suffered from the worst oil spill in the country when more than 1.8 million liters of bunker fuel was spilled by M/V Solar 1, a motor vessel hired by Petron Corp.

The oil spill contaminated the island’s coastlines and some parts of Iloilo, affecting the natural flora and fauna and crippling the fishing and tourism industries of Guimaras. (PNA) LAP/AJP/LCPendon/vlo

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