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Japan government successfully delivered Futenma relocation environment report

TOKYO, Dec. 28 — Japan government delivered an environmental impact assessment report early Wednesday to Okinawa's prefectural government office about the relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station in Okinawa Prefecture to the Henoko district in Nago city, also in Okinawa.

According to local media reports, couriers commissioned to deliver the report in its capital city Naha were twice blocked by some 200 protesters staunchly opposed to the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station being relocated within the prefecture.

The 7,000-page report in 16 boxes was sent to the local government building gate keeper's room by the Defense Ministry in early morning to avoid the protest. One local government officer said they are still confirming the boxes and will decided whether to handled it to related department later.

The environmental assessment report is central to a bilateral agreement between Japan and the United States to move the base from the crowded city of Ginowan, to the coastal Henoko region on the island, as part of a broader roadmap to realign U.S. forces based in Japan. (PNA/Xinhua) DCT/utb

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