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Int'l nuclear experts call for transparent regulation in Japan

TOKYO, Feb. 25 – International experts tasked with advising a Japanese panel investigating the Fukushima nuclear accident stressed Saturday the need for Japan to have a transparent nuclear regulation system.

They said this is necessary as the country moves to launch a new nuclear safety agency in April.

''A very important element of what the regulator must do is to ensure openness in its activities,'' Richard Meserve, former chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told the panel members in Tokyo.

He added decisions reached behind closed doors have a ''corrosive effect'' on people's confidence in regulators.

Such efforts to ensure transparency in how decisions are made and the basis for such decisions would be a key factor in restoring the current ''significant lack of trust'' in the government and plant operators by the Japanese public, the president of the Carnegie Institution for Science said. (PNA/Kyodo) hbc/utb

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