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(Metro News) Caloocan residents urged to participate in ‘Earth Hour’

MANILA, March 29 – Caloocan Mayor Enrico Echiverri has urged residents of the city to participate in the global “Earth Hour” observance on March 31.

The event aims to mitigate global warming’s effects on the planet.

Echiverri reckoned that Earth Hour’s “lights out” activity, which would involve turning off lights and electrical appliances between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., would have a big impact on the campaign against climate change.

Not only residents are expected to take part in the observance of Earth Hour. Local business owners will also halt their operations for one hour in support of this global advocacy.

Earth Hour, it can be recalled, began in 2007. The Philippines joined the activity the following year as Filipinos turned off their lights at home as well as other electricity-consuming devices.

The lights out activity would result to power savings for the country as well as help in the efforts to mitigate climate change which is the main cause of the melting of ice caps in Artarctica. The melted ice in turn causes ocean water levels to rise.

Higher water levels threaten to wipe out the smaller islands on Earth since this would submerge them underwater. (PNA) scs/PFN

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