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Abdoul Mbaye nominated Senegalese prime minister

DAKAR, April 4 — Senegalese new president Macky Sall said on Tuesday that he nominated Abdoul Mbaye, a former banker, as the prime minister of the west African nation.

The nomination came a day after the new president took his oath of office, who defected outgoing President Abdoulaye Wade in the presidential run-off.

Mbaye is the chairman of the Senegalese Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions. He joined the central bank of states of west Africa in 1976 and was appointed CEO of Habitat Bank of Senegal in 1982.

He participated in the restructuring of BIAO-Senegal in 1990 and then became the CEO of the Company Bank of West Africa. As the head, Mbaye launched the first company leasing in Senegal and the first investment fund of west Africa. (PNA/Xinhua)


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