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India developing anti-radiation missile

NEW DELHI, April 29 — India is developing a high-speed anti-radiation missile (ARM) which can detect and destroy the enemy's advance warning system, sources said Sunday.

"The state-owned Defense Research and Development Laboratory is developing the missiles which can be mounted on Sukhoi fighter planes acquired from Russia. The missiles can detect a radar by tracking its electro-magnetic radiation and pulses generated," the sources said.

Though the missiles are designed for use against an enemy radar, jammers and even radios used for communication can also be targeted in this manner, they said, adding that these travel at the speed of over Mach 2, propelled by a smokeless and solid- propellant rocket motor.

The United Sates currently has a cache of such anti-radiation missiles.

India recently joined the elite group of countries which has intercontinental ballistic missile, by successfully test firing Agni-V nuclear-capable missile. (PNA/Xinhua) RMA/mmg

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