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Scientist points out strong legislative measures to protect rivers

ILOILO CITY, May 30 -– An environmental advocate from the Czech Republic and participant in the First Philippine International River Summit here pointed out the need for strong legislative measures and the help of lawmaking bodies like Congress for the protection of the river.

Martin Krejza, a scientist and top member of the Sindlar Group in the Czech Republic in Europe, said that the people need water and they must be the one to protect the river from dying.

Alongside, Congress must help in the river protection with appropriate laws and measures.

“Let the river live its own life and it will feed millions of people,” the scientist said, adding that it is strictly prohibited to live in the river and people are not allowed to settle in the riverbanks in his own country.

Krejza is one of technical speakers in the afternoon sessions for two days and will be speaking about the river and experiences and the best practices in the Czech Republic.

More than 1,000 delegates converged in this city for the first ever river summit including some 200 foreign scientists, advocates and environmentalists who came to share their knowledge and experiences in river management, disaster risk management, governance and climate change. (PNA) DCT/ajp/LCP/vlo

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