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Texas offers grants for green vehicles

HOUSTON, June 12 — The U.S. state of Texas is offering 5.7 million U.S. dollars in grants to encourage the use of hybrid or alternative energy vehicles instead of diesel vehicles, U.S. media reported Monday.

Under the Texas Clean Fleet Program by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the grants can be applied to vehicles using electricity, natural gas, hydrogen or methanol, according to CBS News.

Companies that have at least 75 vehicles and plan to replace at least 20 of its diesel vehicles can apply for the grants.

Although its air quality has seen improvement in recent years, Texas releases more carbon dioxide emissions than any other state, and ozone concentrations in the Houston and Dallas areas do not meet federal standards. Some cities are close to violating federal clean air standards, according to media reports.

The state has been trying to encourage companies to replace diesel vehicles with vehicles that use cleaner fuels.

Texas has passed laws encouraging natural gas fueling stations in cities of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. (PNA/Xinhua)


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