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Largest Middle East sun clock’s fault less than 180 seconds a year

TEHRAN, July 3 — Designer of the largest sun clock in the Middle East has said the annual fault of the clock is less than three minutes each year, while solar clocks’ inaccuracy is five minutes in a year.

Mahmoud Khoshnevisan added in an interview with IRNA Scientific Desk reporter, “The initial studies for manufacturing the largest Middle East sun clock took 14 months, during the different months and seasons of the year, while its manufacturing took one year.

He reiterated, “This clock is the combination type of horizontal-polar, and and the horizontal digits on it are engraved on a ring on pieces of stone, while its polar digits – which resemble a wrist watch – are located on a panel.”

The country’s youngest awarded scientist in the year 2009 said, “The method of manufacturing sun clocks is relatively the same around the globe, but the important point is finding the appropriate location for them, which make the great difference, and therefore, if the clock is relocated its accuracy is charged drastically.”

He said that with a ten meter diameter this is the largest sun clock in the Middle East and its production and functioning is unique in the world.

The Damqan University faculty member said that for locating the exact spot for erecting this sun clock the theodolite and merely traditional means have been used, but the result of the work is the newest, simplest and most technical method of locating the precise spot for achieving the most accurate result in this type of clocks. (PNA/IRNA)


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