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Fundraising for U.S. Republican presidential challenger Romney tops 100 million dollars in June

WASHINGTON, July 6 — U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's fundraising haul topped 100 million dollars last month, possibly dwarfing that of President Barack Obama for the second month in a row, said local media reports Thursday.

Media reports said the amount included money raised by the campaign along with the Republican National Committee, surpassing the 77 million dollars the campaign raised in May. The figure is Romney's best in monthly fundraising, but pales in comparison to Obama's 150 million dollars haul in September 2008.

Politico broke the story first, which was confirmed by CNN and other outlets, quoting Republican sources. That figure could put Romney far ahead of Obama, whom he also beat in May. Obama camp raised some 60 million dollars in May.

Romney spent the better part of June chasing deep-pocket donors, taking trips to California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and Texas for fundraisers. The campaign also took in 4.6 million dollars online in less than 24 hours after the Supreme Court upheld Obama' s healthcare overhaul.

The Obama campaign has repeatedly warned that they would be outperformed by Romney in terms of fundraising in June, and possibly outspent by Republicans throughout the campaign. (PNA/Xinhua) CTB/ebp

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