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Baguio honors "heroes" of the 1990 "killer quake"

BAGUIO CITY, July 12 – The Baguio city government is set to honor on Monday several rescuers during the July 16, 1990 "killer earthquake" 22nd year of commemoration of the disaster which killed more than 500 people here.

Lawyer Carlos Canilao, city administrator said the awarding rites and program after an inter-faith prayer will be led by City Mayor Mauricio Domogan and Rep.Bernardo Vergara.

Those to be awarded and regarded as heroes will be the rescuers from the Philex Mines, Benguet Corporation and Philippine Military Academy.

Eyewitnesses saw these group of brave men not only sacrificed but also took all the risks to save people from collapsed buildings, including retrieving the dead.

The rescuers not only faced the dangers of further collapse of the ruins but also the strong monsoon rains.

Canilao said the tragedy, 22 years after, is now looked upon by the residents and survivors here as a start of sustained disaster-preparedness.

"We were caught unaware. We were not prepared. The disaster came so suddenly. Now, with all the drills and preparations, we can ably deal with any disaster, emergency or any other eventuality," said Canilao. (PNA)


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