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Pacific island nations highlight access to climate change funds

SUVA, July 12 — Pacific island countries have highlighted access to climate change funds in the region, saying it remains critical for the vulnerable countries, the Suva-based Pacific Islands Forum was told Thursday.

Their press statement said the regional countries stressed the need during their recent 2012 Forum Economic Ministers' Meeting in Tarawa, Kiribati.

The ministers were updated on climate change financing efforts coordinated by the Forum Secretariat and other stakeholders.

During the meeting, the Forum Secretariat also published a report titled "Pacific Experiences with Modalities Relevant for Climate Change Financing".

The report highlights how national and regional climate change financing options could work for countries in practice.

They also took into account their experiences and varying needs, while supporting the Forum leaders' decisions and the 2012 Forum Economic Action Plan.

The Plan emphasizes the need to secure appropriate climate financing opportunities for the region.

"Our efforts around climate change financing, in collaboration with our member countries and regional partners, are founded on the appreciation of the unique capacity constraints facing Forum Island Countries," Forum Secretary General Tuiloma Neroni Slade was quoted as saying.

Neroni said: "We are also mindful of the evolving nature of global climate change funding and its links to Overseas Development Assistance.

"We therefore anticipate that this report will be updated periodically to be truly reflective of the ongoing experiences of the region."

The studies served to complement other initiatives underway across the region, such as the development of a comprehensive assessment to assist countries in identifying the optimal mix of climate change financing modalities. (PNA/Xinhua) hbc/utb

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