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(Metro News) QC’s overall performance rating improves

MANILA, Aug. 3 — Quezon City is now recognized as one of the country’s highly urbanized cities.

This developed as the city garnered good marks in local governance performance in 2011, according to a report furnished by the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG).

Mayor Herbert Bautista welcomed this development as the DILG reported that the city’s overall performance rating last year rose to 4.71 percent from 2010’s 4.57 percent. This shows at least a 3-percent rating improvement based on the results of the local governance performance management system of the department.

The report was submitted by DILG-QC director Juan Jovian Ingeniero, as he attributed the improved rating to the improved delivery of basic public services in five key areas. These areas are valuing fundamentals of good governance, administrative governance, social governance, economic governance and environmental governance.

With the city’s strict implementation of waste segregation in its 142 barangays and even in the QC Hall, it garnered an excellent rating for environmental governance from the DILG. Moreover, the positive rating has likewise been boosted by the city’s inclusion in the World Bank list of Eco2 Cities (Ecological Cities as Economic Cities).

QC has also been cited for its delivery of basic social services to its residents for maintaining functional health and school boards, as well as an updated database for the housing sector, according to the department.

Quezon City received good marks for valuing fundamentals of good governance for its practice of transparency in government operations and in maintaining a functional feedback mechanism.

As for the administrative governance, the city proved that its financial capability has been successfully operating and, therefore, proved that its resource allocation is strong. This, despite its deviation to operate on a re-enacted budget and the scarcity of local and international loans.

Last but not the least, QC has formulated long, medium and annual socio-economic plans and established a comprehensive database for development planning. (PNA)


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