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Indian gov't refuses to deport Bangladeshi immigrants in riot-ridden northeast state

NEW DELHI, Aug. 10 — Indian government has refused proposal from an NGO group to deport some 4 million Bangladeshis in the riot-ridden northeast state of Assem, who allegedly have illegally immigrated to India and gained voting rights, said local media Friday.

Indian government has told the Supreme Court that it would not be possible to "delete names of 40 lakh doubtful voters from the state on the basis of their religious or linguistic profile as it would be unconstitutional," said Press Trust of India.

The government was rejecting the allegation of NGO Assam Public Works that over 40 lakh or 4 million illegal migrants from Bangladesh had got their names entered into the electoral rolls and they should forthwith be deported.

In an affidavit placed on Thursday to the apex court, the government also was committed to weed out illegal migrants from the state, which has seen unprecedented violence over the past three weeks in which over 70 people were killed in fighting between local Bodo people and Muslims, while over 400,000 were displaced and put in refugee camp or temporary shelters. (PNA/Xinhua)


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