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10 cataract patients receive free operation as Army General Hospital celebrates 35th founding year

MANILA, Aug. 17 – Ten cataract patients were given free operations as the Army General Hospital (AGH) celebrates its 35th founding anniversary Friday.

AGH chief Col. Villamin F. Patricio said that beneficiaries were operated on by the Asian Eye Institute’s Cataract Mission.

“The Asian Eye Institute, a world class ambulatory eye care center, headed by Dr. Oscar Lopez who is also the Chairman Emeritus of the Lopez Group of Companies, partnered with the Philippine Army to extend eye care services to our soldiers, their dependents, and civilian employees,” he said.

Patricio said that aside from the cataract mission, the health care fair and the turnover of eyeglasses to selected pupils of the Philippine Army Officers’ Ladies Foundation, Inc. also highlighted this year’s anniversary celebration.

“Several pharmaceutical companies are here to participate and provide free medicines, consultations, and tests to all who would want to avail. One of the services provided is the bone density scan which was tried by PA chief Lt. Gen. Emmanuel T. Bautista and some of the staff officers of the Army,” the AGH chief said.

In his speech, Dr. Lopez shared that it has always been his dream to bring the highest and up to date eye care in the Philippines and to bring it within the reach not only of those who can afford, but all Filipinos.

This, he said, led to the establishment of the Asian Eye Institute in 2001.

“I can’t think of any worthier beneficiaries than you who serve our country by putting your lives in the line to defend our freedom. By making it possible for you to do so, your families also render valuable service to our country and our countrymen. We are indebted to you and through this mission, I hope that we can begin to repay you in this humble way,” Lopez said.

The AGH has gone a long way in development as it upgraded its service capability and enhanced the level of care extended to its patients.

The once 50-bed hospital now has a 250-bed capacity.

Major renovation has also been done since the time of Commanding General Lt. Gen. Arturo B. Ortiz in 2011, as new and upgraded medical facilities and equipment have been installed such as 2D Echo Machine, Cautery Machine, Cast Cutter, Infusion Pump, Treadmill Machine, Oxygen Concentrator, Incubator, X-ray Film Automatic Processor, Laboratory Microscope and Blood Chemistry Analyzer.

The AGH is also capable of performing diagnostic, surgical and treatment procedures to emergency cases, confined patients and ambulatory clients seeking consultative services of Orthopedics, Urology, Opthalmology, ENT, Physical Medicine and Neuro-Psychiatry.

The five-storey hospital now operates a modern food court at its basement with food selections and amenities that are at par with the ones found in private hospitals and are widely enjoyed by patients, personnel and guests.

The food court is designed to cater a decent dining experience most especially for the loved ones of the patients.

Further improvements are still underway. Among those that still need some advancement is the records section which may be completely computerized in the near future.

Currently, it is composed of 38 military officers, 79 enlisted personnel and 106 civilian employees that include 13 military doctors, 9 civilian doctors and 24 consultants. It also accommodates 184 patients at the moment. (PNA)

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