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Barangay disaster preparedness checklist out soon –DILG

MANILA, Aug. 17 – The Department of Interior and Local Government plans releasing this year its official disaster preparedness checklist for barangay local government units (LGUs) in the country.

Such LGUs must provide information required in the checklist to help profile and improve their respective disaster preparedness so life, limb and property can be better protected.

"Information provided will help the LGUs prepare their respective disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) plans," said DILG local government operations officer Gloria Santos, contact person for the undertaking.

She said DILG will furnish its regional offices with copies of the checklist.

The regional offices will, in turn, distribute copies of the document to barangay LGUs for filling up, she added.

"Our target initial recipients are 10,751 barangay LGUs in 52 cities and 298 municipalities across 12 regions within the 18 priority major river basins nationwide," Santos said.

The priority major river basins are Abra, Agno, Cagayan, Abulog, Pampanga, Pasig-Laguna de Bay, Bicol, Panay, Ilog-Hilabangan, Jalaur, Tagoloan, Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Agus, Tagum-Libuganon, Agusan and Buayan-Malungun.

The government earlier prioritized such river basins for rehabilitation as River Basin Control Office Executive Director Vicente Tuddao Jr. said those areas have the highest potential use.

He described such areas as "suffering from declining carrying capacity and deteriorating life support systems" due to environmental degradation and other factors.

The government said river basin is a watershed of over 1,000 square kilometers and having topographic boundaries typically covering land within three or more provinces and two or more regions.

Santos said earlier this year, DILG pilot-tested the checklist in barangay LGUs across Metro Manila and Bulacan province to generate inputs for improving the document.

"We checked to see if the checklist is easy to fill up," she said.

She said the Local Government Academy (LGA) will approve the official checklist to be released.

"LGA is DILG's DRRM program manager," she noted.

The checklist's development and use is a component of such program, she said.

Among the information required in the checklist is hazards threatening an LGU and population at risk for such dangers.

The checklist also requires data on such LGU's early warning systems and other disaster preparedness measures. (PNA)

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