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Distributor in Singapore takes Bumbo baby seats off shelves

SINGAPORE, Aug. 17 — The local distributor of Bumbo baby seat in Singapore has taken the product off shelves after a recall that affected four million such seats in the United States, local media reported on Friday.

Maxwell Distribution, the local distributor, removed the seats from shelves, and retail chain Mothercare said it "voluntarily" withdrew the seats from sale on Thursday, local broadcaster Channel NewsAsia said.

The Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board, also known as SPRING Singapore, issued a safety alert on its website, advising consumers to stop using the product immediately before they obtain the free repair kit from the supplier.

"The repair kit includes a restraint belt with a warning label, installation instructions, safe use instructions and a new warning sticker. SPRING would also like to remind consumers to safeguard their families by using products only according to instructions," a spokesperson said.

SPRING Singapore said it has not received any complaint from consumers in the city state.

The recall of the baby seats in the United States came after a multitude of injuries, including skull fractures, were reported as babies fell out of the foam-moulded seats placed on a raised surface.

Mothercare said it was investigating the case with SPRING Singapore and the local supplier. Channel NewsAsia quoted a spokesperson of the company as saying that the U.S. report seemed to indicate "more of a misuse issue rather than a product safety issue."

"We do not wish to speculate. Hence, till we have clarity on this issue, Mothercare had voluntarily withdrawn this product from our sales floor," she said. (PNA/Xinhua)

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