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Iloilo City to fete outstanding Ilonggos

ILOILO CITY, Aug 17 — The city government will confer its highest distinction to seven Ilonggos who have made significant contributions for the development and continued progress of the metropolis.

Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog will confer the Golden Salakot Award “Hubon ni Marikudo, Bugal sang Dakbanwa sang Iloilo” during the highlight of the 75th Diamond Jubilee celebration of the city charter on August 25.

“This is the highest honor that we will grant in recognition for outstanding achievements defined by personal or institutional success and philanthropic involvement,” Mabilog said.

The awardees for this year are singer-composer Jose Mari Chan, Senator Franklin M. Drilon, business moguls Rogelio Florete, Edgar Sia II, Felicito Tiu and Jose S. Layson, and city councilor Perla Zulueta.

Each will be given The Golden Salakot Award that includes a medallion of honor, a trophy of distinction, and a citation plaque.

The medallion will be a specially-designed metallic ornament attached to a “hablon” cloth to be worn as necklace, while the trophy will be a replica of the City Hall bronze statue, “Lin-ay sang Iloilo.”

The plaque will contain an inscription of the awardees’ achievements and important contributions for the city.

They will also be installed in the “Hubon ni Marikudo” or the Order of Marikudo as an exclusive league of select entities or individuals who have given support to propel Iloilo towards attaining its vision of becoming a premier city.

A resolution was already approved by the City Council on August 15 recognizing The Golden Salakot Award as the highest honor conferred by the city government for outstanding achievements by an individual or institution.

The legend of the Barter of Panay has great implications on the culture of the Ilonggos and the Golden Salakot was the valuable heritage tender of the barter.

The “salakot,” as a headdress, was a crown of sort and a symbol that connotes authority, power, wisdom, strength, and pride. (PNA)

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