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Pampanga town residents join “Piyestang Danum” celebration

CANDABA, Pampanga, Aug. 22 — Local folks here on Tuesday celebrated the annual “Piyestang Danum” in a simple yet meaningful way.

The celebration was highlighted with a fluvial procession of the community patron, Saint Agustin.

Residents, who joined the event, rode their own motorized boats and roamed around to major barangay streets which were still under chest-deep floodwater.

It was simple yet meaningful. What is important is that we thanked the Lord, through this celebration, for all the blessings coming from the abundant waters, Erik Sagum, a resident here who joined the fluvial parade, said.

The boats are usually being used for fishing activity, which is an alternative source of living for the residents during rainy season.

The residents here are farmers during dry season and fishermen as floodwater starts to occupy rice fields.(PNA)


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